Superior Landscaping

G4G Superior Landscaping

We are a team consisting of a Soil Scientist, Geologist, Landscape Architects and Project Managers, multi-disciplined experts, including Gold Medal winning landscapers at the Garden World Expo.

We are focussed on being unique and superior in all our designs and installs, by being at the cutting edge of the latest technology, and giving our clients a unique landscape experience unlike any other.

What makes us superior is our pedantic attention to detail. We have our own nursery which makes us very competitive with our prices. We also have a 'nothing-but-natural' focus on our designs, which means we incorporate only natural products (no cement-based / simulation products) to make sure you get the best possible outdoor experience in South Africa.

"Every design is unique and all products are sourced by a dedicated landscaper to make sure you only get the best and super unique landscape."


Our team of experts and partners provide the following services:

Landscape design & implementation

We have highly skilled staff who specialize in landscape design and layout. They ensure perfection via liaison with our installation teams.

Landscape Management 

It is the obvious choice to get skilled landscapers to maintain and manage the landscape that they installed. We will maintain all irrigation systems, wooden decking, plants etc.

Irrigation Layout & installation

We are a certified member of the Landscape Irrigation Association (LIA) which ensures our clients get the highest quality in irrigation layout and installation.

Professional lawn installation

We do hydro-seeding, and instant lawn. We have five different stages of lawn development, to ensure our client get the perfect lawn to match their landscape.

WOODEN Installations

We have a team that install any and all outdoor wooden landscaping products. We do our installations according to building specifications and use only natural wood and treatments.


We take pride in providing our clients with the perfect landscape 24/7. We install the highest quality and unique products, from app-controlled lighting solutions to perfectly placed outdoor lighting to bring your landscape to life at night.


This is the perfect partner to a perfect landscape. A well built boma, lapa, braaier or outdoor kitchen will only add to the perfect beauty of the landscape and create a super unique outdoor experience unmatched in every possible way.

Swimming Pools & OUTDOOR JACUZZI'S

We build all marble-lite and fibre-glass pools, with the cutting edge in coping and lighting design. Any size, any color, any style. We also love to incorporate a swimming pool with the uniqueness of our landscaping designs.

Painting & Waterproofing

We have teams that do painting and waterproofing of all outdoor areas, ranging from whole house painting, to small wall painting. Waterproofing of roofs and planter boxes is also a nice value-add that we offer.

By having experts in all the different Landscaping disciplines, it gives us all the control in providing our clients with the BEST experience possible, all under the control of ONE company. All aspects is perfectly synchronized to make all disciplines flow together to create something Majestic. As a client it is much easier to contract One company, and leave all the tasks in our hands.

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